My favorite verse in the scriptures has always been “Jesus wept.” A profound mystery. Whether He is “deeply troubled” at my unbelief or deeply understood my grief, He is fully present and He knows all that I feel. He weeps with me.   Do you feel scared, alone, frustrated, confused, sad, and sorrowful? I know […]

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I traveled halfway across the world to visit a beautiful place called Rwanda. You would not have known that this “Land of a Thousand Hills” was once painted with the blood of its people. In about 100 days, 1 million people were killed by their own neighbors, families, church members, government, etc… during the Rwanda […]

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“I am His Beloved and He is mine. I am to Be-Loved by Him and Be-Love to everyone He leads me to.”   It’s not a mission statement nor is it a mantra. To me, it’s a simple truth. This year, I will be diving deep into these words. I will explore and create out of […]

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